Addiction- Concept

After doing a heavy amount of research on addiction, I have completely set my mind on Johann Hari’s theory on how it works. Hari holds ‘The Big Idea.’

Everything he has said I agree with and I feel so strongly about it that I would like to design a book around it. I want to communicate exactly what Hari talked about in his Ted talk, expressing the theory about ‘your cage’ and social recovery. Bringing people together to connect and disconnect the addict from their drug.

I have never designed a book layout before so I think this will be a very challenging project which I hope will bring my portfolio together as I try to produce a wide variety of  projects through different outcomes. I know my research has been very successful, so now I want to bring it all together and communicate Hari’s theory which I believe will soon be taken more and more seriously as the world tries to tackle addiction. We need to try and forget what we have been told and look at the new evidence on how addiction works, because at the minute we’re only making things worse.

I want the book to be short and straight to the point, exactly how Hari approached his Ted Talk.

A short story, with a ‘BIG IDEA.’

I want the book to start with an opening statement explaining how we currently treat and deal with addicts. I then want a closing statement asserting how we should be dealing with addicts. Both these statements need to be hard hitting as I want the readers to take them seriously. The body of the book will allow the reader to think about theses two statements, which will hopefully change their perception on addiction.


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