Addiction- Book Format

I thought it would be a great idea if I could create some sort of fold out page that could reveal the section about your cage. When you open the fold out it‘s as if you’re breaking out of your cage, as you read the information and realise how addiction really works. I created a really quick mock up and realised that this just wouldn’t work. In order to fit the whole text the paper size would be far too wide to print and there was no way of resizing as ‘your cage’ wouldn’t read properly.

I wanted to look into different ways of revealing pages but I couldnt’t find anything that could be used for my idea. Until I found this! This example is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted another revealing page showing how you break out of your cage and this book enabled me to do exactly what I imagined. The inside would allow for my centre piece of ‘your cage’ and then the cover would then reveal you breaking out of it. It physically breaks out when you pull the book apart!



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