Addiction- Storyboarding

I knew exactly what information was going in my book as I looked to separate Johann Hari’s Ted Talk into different sections, with different pieces of evidence on each page. I wanted to use a constructivist style through each heading, using big bold letters and dynamic shapes that would give it a bit more edge.


Here are some guidelines I tried to follow-


Here are also some images of inspiration I used to come up with my own designs-

The use of bold capitals is so powerful and would be perfect for grabbing readers attention. I also really like the use of a more beige/cream colour which I think brings a lot more character to the image. In order to create more of a contemporary look I also looked into some editorial layout using bold type which spread across a page, here are some examples-

Instead of quite rigid type we see through a constructivist style I like the use of these bold san serif typefaces which again really jump out from the page, but giving that contemporary look I’m going for.


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