Final Major Project- Concept Development

The point of my project is to get people to start interacting with each other so I thought I had to create a space where people could interact! I came up with the idea of creating conversation cards with questions that would spark a proper conversation. I needed to make sure the questions would allow for further conversation and not just a one word response.

Also for my book I thought it would be an interesting idea to have a dot that represents the reader as a connection. As they then read through, the dot would get larger and larger acting like a visual metaphor. I realised that this could be an ongoing theme throughout my project and was open to even more ideas to use this concept. I thought it would be a nice idea to get people to have their say and what better way to use dots for people to write on stick up. I found white dot sticker labels online so the plan was coming together! When the audience put their dot up on the wall they are adding another connection to the wall, as people come together to give their opinion on what they about the topic.

I started to think about the style I wanted to go for, and with colours already in mind, I started to explore the idea of expressive type. I liked the idea of maybe having slashings of a brush overlapping my body text to express the message I will try to communicate. This would also look great for my wall as if someone had graffitied all over it.

I did a lot of research into different ways of expressing type and these are a few of my favourite examples that I hope inspire me when creating my own. I think using a brush font is a must as it really stands out but can also run perfectly through my body text. I already have the look I want in my head and I really think it’s going to work well with my concept! I want my project to have a particular style and identity which I think could really drive a piece of design that informs a really strong message.


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