Addiction- Prototype

I put together a quick black and white prototype to see how the book would bind together. It’s actually quite tricky but I really like the playfulness with it.


Final Major Project- Expressive Type

I really liked the idea of using expressive type throughout my project. The story of my book has been put together as if someone is really trying to send a message with loads of key words and phrases to go alongside it. I thought it would look really eye catching if I used brush fonts so slather and overlay the body text showing passion for the message trying to get put across.


Here is two examples of what I was going for and I think they really emphasise each key section within the book.

Final Major Project- Wall Development

TYPE WALL2Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 09.55.50

Before I decided that I wanted to use expressive typography, I put together this first draft where I just took all the research I had conducted and created this sort of infographic typography design. I liked where the idea was going but I knew it needed a lot of work as it didn’t have much of a aesthetic look to it, it didn’t have enough life to it.

After finding my inspiration from expressive typography I then redesigned the wall and made it more fluent and lively. It has a much more interesting style.