End of Year Reflection

I’m done.

Finally after a really stressful few weeks I have put together a portfolio I can be really proud of. Every piece of work I have done this year I have put my maximum effort into and I can really say it’s paid off. I seem to be my worst critic so I can be quite hard on myself at times and I couldn’t be more of a perfectionist. But I have learnt that this is actually a good thing, it shows that I really care about my work and that I always want to make it the best it can be. I think I have done that this year, and I also believe I have changed and developed as a designer, really coming into my own. I have started to create  my own way of thinking that has made me into a much more creative designer, as I always look to think differently when approaching a brief. I am obsessed with doing things differently, it makes designing so much more interesting and that’s why I have started to love it. I have enjoyed working on every project this year as I indulge in huge amounts of research that I can’t stop looking into. I would never have thought someone like me would become so interested in a topic where I would put together a whole story to communicate it.

It’s been a year where really big things have happened for me. First I was shortlisted by the RSA Student Design Awards for one of my projects and then I got a 2:1 in my dissertation which is a massive deal for me! I was never the best at English but I worked so hard and pushed myself and actually in the end I learnt a lot and my writing skills started to develop. I think it helped that I was writing about a topic I was really interested in, and this then sparked the new way I approach my briefs- To do my research. I never realised how important this was until this year but I think it’s actually THE most important part of designing. It’s all good creating a nice looking piece of work but sometimes it needs to do more than that, it needs to cause action.

I finally know the career I want, I have become so ambitious and I really hope I can make some sort of name for myself. I’m going to enjoy having a bit of time off but I know in a weeks time I’m gunna want to get back to work. Although it has been a stressful experience it has also been one of the most exciting experiences and it’s only the beginning! Uni has been quite the journey but I’m now looking forward to what the future holds for me, I hope it’s a bright one!


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