End of Year Reflection

I’m done.

Finally after a really stressful few weeks I have put together a portfolio I can be really proud of. Every piece of work I have done this year I have put my maximum effort into and I can really say it’s paid off. I seem to be my worst critic so I can be quite hard on myself at times and I couldn’t be more of a perfectionist. But I have learnt that this is actually a good thing, it shows that I really care about my work and that I always want to make it the best it can be. I think I have done that this year, and I also believe I have changed and developed as a designer, really coming into my own. I have started to create  my own way of thinking that has made me into a much more creative designer, as I always look to think differently when approaching a brief. I am obsessed with doing things differently, it makes designing so much more interesting and that’s why I have started to love it. I have enjoyed working on every project this year as I indulge in huge amounts of research that I can’t stop looking into. I would never have thought someone like me would become so interested in a topic where I would put together a whole story to communicate it.

It’s been a year where really big things have happened for me. First I was shortlisted by the RSA Student Design Awards for one of my projects and then I got a 2:1 in my dissertation which is a massive deal for me! I was never the best at English but I worked so hard and pushed myself and actually in the end I learnt a lot and my writing skills started to develop. I think it helped that I was writing about a topic I was really interested in, and this then sparked the new way I approach my briefs- To do my research. I never realised how important this was until this year but I think it’s actually THE most important part of designing. It’s all good creating a nice looking piece of work but sometimes it needs to do more than that, it needs to cause action.

I finally know the career I want, I have become so ambitious and I really hope I can make some sort of name for myself. I’m going to enjoy having a bit of time off but I know in a weeks time I’m gunna want to get back to work. Although it has been a stressful experience it has also been one of the most exciting experiences and it’s only the beginning! Uni has been quite the journey but I’m now looking forward to what the future holds for me, I hope it’s a bright one!


Final Major Project- Final Outcome

My exhibition space is finally complete and I am so happy with it! I decided to print my typographic wall on vinyl and don’t think it could have looked any better! I also printed two vinyl circles, one that explained what I wanted the experience to be like for the audience, encouraging them to take a label and stick up their thoughts on the wall, and also another to encourage the audience taking a conversation card.

The only thing I would say is that I think my book could have been printed better. I don’t think it did my designs any justice. The printers I went to just didn’t do the job I was looking for. After printing my book I had to ask to get it done again as it just wasn’t at the standard I was looking for. I sat down with one of the workers to ask what would be the best way to print but she didn’t seem to have any idea, just giving me examples of different paper weights. I wanted the book to look as professional as possible but in the end I was handed a second print that had been ripped slightly and just not the way I wanted it, but there was no time to get it printed again. This is something that I’m going to have to deal with in the future but now I know I’m going to have to think about exactly how I want my work printed before, so there are no issues. But I’m also never going to go back to that printers again…

Apart from that I am really pleased with the work I have produced and I’m looking forward to seeing how the audience will interact with my space but also with each other!

Final Major Project- Final Wall Design

So I had to change the layout of my wall from horizontal to vertical. As we had limited in our exhibition I had to rethink my design but in the end I think it worked out for the better. It shows a clear path as you read from top to bottom. I also liked the idea of it being a path to a broader connection. I wanted to make sure the message would flow so I had to use specific important points from the book in order for each sentence to link together. But I also wanted each point to stand out on it’s own so I used the black and white alternatively as well as bringing the opacity down on the white to break it up otherwise it would have looked too much for the eyes.

Here is my development where I changed the sizing of some words as they were overpowering the most important words which are ‘WE BELIEVE’ ‘WE ARE’ WE NEED’. I also mocked up what the wall could look like once the audience had stuck their labels up.  I think the end outcome will look really interesting and even more engaging as people will start to read what other people have to say.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 18.59.04

My final design flows a lot more now as the words carry on from each other and have more of a story after I changed some of the messages towards the bottom. I’m really happy with the final outcome and I can’t wait to see what it will look like on vinyl. I think vinyl will really compliment the design as it will be part of the wall.

Final Major Project- Dots

Dots represent connections. To get people to interact with my space I thought it would be a nice idea for them to have their say, but I had to think about how I would actually get them to do this! I wanted them to be able to write their thoughts and opinion on the topic  and it finally came to me to use stickers, DOT STICKERS! I wanted all my work to tie together and relate to my concept and through the use of dots I could do this!

-A dot that gets bigger as you read on through the book acting as a visual metaphor.


– Dot labels that can be written on that represent a connection when the audience puts their say on the wall.

– The pattern on the conversation cards is a polka dot pattern that represents the audience coming together and connecting.


Addiction- Final Outcome



For some reason that I can’t explain the colours just won’t come out right on WordPress but here are my final design spreads.

I’m really happy with the final outcome, I tried to keep the constructivism style but turn it into something more contemporary and I think it works really well. I like how different it is.

The revealing pages also worked better than I had planned and give the book that extra edge. I think it’s something that will really intrigue people to pick it up and read.

Mind Your Money- Shortlisted!!!

After all my hard work it really paid off as I was one of eight that got shortlisted by RSA!! With an interview on the 8th of May I decided that I needed to develop my boards and make them more visual! I also wanted to create a video that would bring the app to life! Fingers crossed my interview goes well!!



Addiction- Prototype

I put together a quick black and white prototype to see how the book would bind together. It’s actually quite tricky but I really like the playfulness with it.